Meet Lenny Prost


I love sharing Nonviolent Communication with people; especially when I see in their eyes the glowing recognition of a new insight!  I get it!  I'm grateful for how NVC has enriched my life.

I'm a pretty grounded, practical guy. I found that Marshall Rosenberg's simple, yet profound way for people to deeply connect with themselves and each other really spoke to me. As I learned NVC, I found myself saying things like: "Wow, that clearly makes sense" "I wish I had been taught this a long time ago!" (I'm guessing Arleen and my children would agree!)  

As I put into practice what I was learning, I could see that it worked!  I was avoiding my habitual pitfalls that never have brought me what I truly needed. I learned how to see, and then appreciate my needs, while at the same time, caring about the other person's needs. I was getting to the heart of the matter instead of staying stuck in my head; blaming others. Now my energy was available to figure out creative strategies to actually get my needs met!

NVC helps me to live with more compassion for myself and everyone else.  That's our true nature.

I'm still very much a work in progress, and sometimes, I instantly slip into my old patterns born out of old wounds.  But I see that now, and stop. I am getting much better at bringing my loving attention to those parts of me that are needing compassion.  And, as I do that, my heart opens to everyone else.

In addition to offering Workshops, Practice Groups, and Coaching for individuals and couples, I meet in a men’s circle that supports NVC consciousness.  I am grateful for the way we create a safe space where a group of men can be supportive, vulnerable and nurturing. 

Family, being in nature, and playing and writing music are great joys in my life.

I look forward to sharing Conscious, Compassionate Communication with you!



Nonviolent Communication Online Resources

If you would like to explore Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication, check out these videos and websites:

Marshall's Videos:

Gina Cenciose's Video, (Arleen and Lenny’s NVC Trainer)

More videos on NVC:

Cup of Empathy Videos - Great videos that are easy to follow: 

Youtube Videos:

NVC Links

Here are some other links shared in the spirit of promoting NVC.

The Center for Nonviolent Communication's website includes general information on NVC, a list of NVC trainers throughout the world, material sales, calendar of CNVC events, information on Marshall Rosenberg, the creator of NVC, and Articles and writings

Online and Skype NVC Courses


Arleen's NVC Trainers

Gina Cenciose    

Rachelle Lamb     

Books, Documents and Other Resources:

The PuddledDancer Press website for NVC has much useful information about NVC as well as a bookstore to purchase NVC materials.




Radio Interview with Arleen & Lenny


Listen to a live interview with Lenny and Arleen on the I Am Alive show on CKCU FM, on June 15th, 2017. We talk about Conscious, Compassionate Communication with host Suzette Schmiedel.


CKCU radio Interview with Arleen & Lenny

(To listen Click on LISTEN NOW on the left hand side of the podcast page. You can also FAST FORWARD to after the BBC News (approx. 5 min into the show)

We offer a variety of Workshops based on Nonviolent Communication


At this time we are offering our workshops through Zoom.



Workshops can vary in length from a half day to a full weekend. 

Our first priority is to create a safe and respectful atmosphere where people can feel comfortable.  We design the content in collaboration with you and the needs of your group.  Workshops are lively and include hands-on activities, group discussions, introspection, and practice exercises.  We have fun!!

Workshop Descriptions:


Conscious, Compassionate Communication 

based on Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication NVC


  • Are you having conversations that leave you feeling frustrated, unsatisfied and sometimes hopeless? 
  • Are you wishing your interactions were easier with the kids, your partner, family, friends, or co-workers?
  • Are you stuck repeating the same patterns even though you know they don’t give you the results you desire?

If any of this sounds like what’s happening in your life, this workshop may interest you.

This workshop is based on the work of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s model of Nonviolent Communication. 

You’ll learn tools that support and empower you to build your own new way of relating to yourself and others.  With a new perspective you can clearly recognize the patterns of speaking, thinking and listening, that serve you and those that do not.   

  • Develop your sense of empathy by listening deeply and respectfully to yourself and others.
  • Explore the impact of non-verbal communication. 
  • Recognize and overcome barriers to effective communication. 
  • Learn to use assertive (not passive or aggressive) language to express your ideas, feelings and needs in a truthful, mutually respectful way. 

Who will benefit: 

  • Anyone who wants to enrich and create more harmony in their relationships with their partners, children, family members, and co-workers


Grow your POWER!

  • Would you like to get to know yourself better?
  • Would you like to experience the power that comes when you know and accept yourself? 

When you connect to who you are on the inside – knowing what you feel, what your needs are, what you think and what you value – you are empowered.  Life can look very different from this perspective.

“High self-esteem is a quiet sense of self-respect, a feeling of self-worth.  When you have it deep inside, you’re glad you’re you.” …Dorothy Corkille Briggs

  • Connect with your own sense of personal power and self-worth. 
  • Bring to light your inner strengths and give yourself permission to value your uniqueness. 
  • Identify and change limiting attitudes and beliefs that no longer serve you. 
  • Feel empowered that YOU get to choose your own attitude in any given situation, even when dealing with difficult people.

Who will benefit: 

  • Anyone who wants to live their life by conscious choice 
  • Anyone who wants to enhance the most important relationship they’ll ever have…. the one with themselves!



Understanding Your Anger

It's OK to feel angry!  Usually problems arise for people when they ignore, squash, swallow or express anger by blaming or punishing.  We’ll learn how to fully express our anger using a four step process.  This process is easy to learn, but takes practice to put into place. 

  • Learn how to recognize the signs that you are becoming angry
  • Realize what needs you have that are not being met

Who will benefit: 

  • Anyone who gets angry (that’s pretty much most of us!) and recognizes that judging, blaming or punishing the other person doesn’t bring them what they are truly needing. 



How to Parent Your Kids Without Yelling at Them !!

Do you sometimes feel like parenting your kids is driving you crazy?  If your answer is YES, come join us for a workshop and learn how to make your relationship with your kids more harmonious and satisfying. 

 The communication concepts and techniques taught in this workshop are based on Marshall Rosenberg’s four-part Non-Violent Communication (NVC) process.  NVC is a very simple process of communication, yet powerful and transformative, AND oh so difficult to use in the heat of the moment! 

You’ll learn to: 

·        Express your ideas, feelings and needs with honesty and clarity while maintaining mutual respect, compassion and emotional safety

·        Recognize and change barriers that get in the way of effective communication

·        Move beyond power struggles to cooperation and trust

·        Reframe how you express yourself and how you hear others

Who will benefit: 

  • Parents, grandparents, parents to be
  • child care workers


Death and dying: 

What do we say or not say to a person who is dying and to their family members?

When someone we care about is suffering, often our first response is to try to stop their pain.  Although this isn't possible, words of care and support when a person is grieving can be comforting and helpful.  Knowing what to say isn't always easy and sometimes we may unintentionally say things that are not helpful.

  • Learn specific communication strategies that will help put you more at ease around death and dying. 
  • Gain understanding about the grieving process.

Who will benefit: 

  • People who work or volunteer in palliative care
  • Nurses, doctors, and personal support workers
  • Funeral service workers


Loss and Grief

Come, and deepen your understanding of loss and grief to support yourself or others.   

Some of the things we’ll look at:

  • Myths about grief
  • Helpful and hurtful words we say to grievers
  • Communicating with deep empathy to ourselves and others
  • Grief recovery

Who will benefit: 

  • People who are grieving
  • Friends, family, or other caregivers
  • Nurses, doctors, and personal support workers
  • People who work or volunteer in palliative care
  • Funeral service workers


What do I Want?

How do I Get it?  (For Teens only)

Reaching your goals is like planning for a road trip:  you choose a destination, pick a route, foresee any roadblocks, and decide what to pack. 

  • Recognize your interests, values, strengths and challenges. 
  • Use these insights to help you set realistic and clear goals. 

Who will benefit: 

  • Teens who know where they’re going and teens who don’t know where they’re going!


Conflict Resolution

**Introduction to Conscious Communication is a pre-requisite. 

Conflict can actually be an opportunity for growth and positive changes!

  • Gain insight into the nature of conflict. 
  • Learn healthy and creative techniques for problem-solving that promote win-win solutions. 
  • Identify your own Personal Conflict Management Style. 

Who will benefit: 

  • Anyone who wants to enrich and create more harmony in their relationships with their partners, children, family members, and co-workers