Meet Lenny Prost


I love sharing Nonviolent Communication with people; especially when I see in their eyes the glowing recognition of a new insight!  I get it!  I'm grateful for how NVC has enriched my life.

I'm a pretty grounded, practical guy. I found that Marshall Rosenberg's simple, yet profound way for people to deeply connect with themselves and each other really spoke to me. As I learned NVC, I found myself saying things like: "Wow, that clearly makes sense" "I wish I had been taught this a long time ago!" (I'm guessing Arleen and my children would agree!)  

As I put into practice what I was learning, I could see that it worked!  I was avoiding my habitual pitfalls that never have brought me what I truly needed. I learned how to see, and then appreciate my needs, while at the same time, caring about the other person's needs. I was getting to the heart of the matter instead of staying stuck in my head; blaming others. Now my energy was available to figure out creative strategies to actually get my needs met!

NVC helps me to live with more compassion for myself and everyone else.  That's our true nature.

I'm still very much a work in progress, and sometimes, I instantly slip into my old patterns born out of old wounds.  But I see that now, and stop. I am getting much better at bringing my loving attention to those parts of me that are needing compassion.  And, as I do that, my heart opens to everyone else.

In addition to offering Workshops, Practice Groups, and Coaching for individuals and couples, I meet in a men’s circle that supports NVC consciousness.  I am grateful for the way we create a safe space where a group of men can be supportive, vulnerable and nurturing. 

Family, being in nature, and playing and writing music are great joys in my life.

I look forward to sharing Conscious, Compassionate Communication with you!