Communication Coaching with Arleen & Lenny

“How may we best serve you?”



Are you having conversations that leave you feeling frustrated, unsatisfied and sometimes hopeless? 

Are you wishing your interactions were easier with the kids, your partner, family, friends, or co-workers?

Are you stuck repeating the same patterns even though you know they don’t give you the results you desire?


If any of this sounds like what’s happening in your life, you might be interested to try a communication coaching session with Arleen & Lenny, or with either of us individually.  

We offer Communication Coaching based on Marshall Rosenberg’s model of Nonviolent Communication, also known as Compassionate Communication.  You’ll learn tools that support and empower you to build your own new way of relating to yourself and others.  With a new perspective you can clearly recognize the patterns of speaking, thinking and listening, that serve you and those that do not.    

When you share what interactions you would like to change in your life, we will listen.  Listening deeply and empathically to you helps us to understand what you are truly feeling and needing.   We receive this with care and with no judgment. 

Communication Coaching can be of benefit if you’re looking to:

·        Significantly improve the quality of connection in your relationships

·        Stay peaceful and centered even when faced with judgment, anger, and criticism

·        Speak, and listen to others and yourself in ways that bring more understanding and compassion

·        Break patterns of being that lead to stress, depression, guilt and shame


You may have ideas about other benefits you hope for. Whatever goals you may already have in mind for improving the way you communicate, we will support you with honesty.  Meeting your needs as specifically as possible means the time we spend together will be of the greatest benefit to you.


Most of the people we work with tell us that just the process of looking inward at their thoughts, feelings and needs greatly increases their deep sense of self-esteem and helps them gain confidence in many areas of their life. Our thoughts are a conversation we have with ourselves and what we say to ourselves matters very much.  Our thoughts also influence how we speak to others.  Just seeing how we express our thoughts, feelings and needs or how we don’t express these things is very empowering. 


Once you have identified your feelings and needs, we can help you learn and then integrate into your daily life a new way of listening to yourself, listening to others, and expressing yourself using simple, useful tools that are more effective in bringing you what you truly value.  This changes how you interact with people and life becomes more wonderful !  It’s really very exciting!!

We see our role as your ally on your quest to embody better ways of communicating.   Along the way, we hope we get a chance to enjoy some laughs together.  We truly love working authentically with people and helping them integrate new ways of compassionately interacting.    We get tremendous satisfaction from hearing people say that using their new tools has changed their lives and significantly improved their relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and themselves


Change is possible!!


Arleen & Lenny


We work with teens, individuals, couples, families and organizations. 


Where are sessions held?


At this time we are holding our coaching sessions on Zoom.


When possible, we prefer to have sessions in-person, especially the first one.   After that it is possible to hold sessions by telephone, 

Skype, or Zoom.   In-person sessions are held primarily in Wakefield, Quebec, and can be arranged at other nearby locations.


     For Arleen & Lenny, or either one individually:

 $95. / hour 

We’d be happy to chat with you on the phone so that you can determine if communication coaching will be helpful and if we are a good fit.


To book a coaching session with Arleen &/or Lenny, or to set up a date to have a free phone chat,
please contact us at: 

819 209 5986       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.